Sabtu, September 17

my cat is lost, will it come home ?

my cat is lost
what do I do?

Last April.
I remember when I got home from campus and surprised by the presence of three kittens at the kitchen. instead of taking off my tudung or taking a shower, I was engrossed by the cuteness of the kittens. abah found them at pasar and took them home.

One of the factors of my eagerness of coming back home is to see my cats. but yesterday mak told me that Oren went missing.

Putih died last June and I'm learning to be okay with that. in fact, I AM okay with that. but now...
Oren is lost
Tam seemed sad and she was sitting at the backyard all day long. probably waiting for the return of Oren. owh, poor Tam.
maybe it's the 'mengawan' season so I think Oren could probably looking for a girlfriend.
or maybe a snake ate him.
yeah, I would go with the second thought.
and guess what, I don't see Tam for almost like 10 hours ago.
this is making me sad and I don't want to cry.
please come home.

notarojak: thanks to our PM for the repeal of the repressive act. heh