Khamis, Disember 20

to be honest

I really appreciate you
You've seen every side of me
You're by my side

When I'm feeling depressed
You always keep me company

You know how to calm me down
Cheer me up
Keep me smiling

On the path to move forward
You make me happy

You listen to me
When I say the things
That I can't say to others

Better yet
You didn't walk out of me
When I know other people would have

4 ulasan:

Abul Akmal Arif Bin Anuar berkata...

tengah tension baca tulisan kau buat tenang jiwalah

tolonglah teruskan menulis

nousya berkata...

keep calm and read nota rojak

Abul Akmal Arif Bin Anuar berkata...

read nota rojak and be calm

nousya berkata...

you too, keep writing.