Selasa, Ogos 30

the one i can only miss

I was just wondering if you had time to see me and have a random talk
Why don't we sit down for a while and forget that you have him and I have no one
You picked a place that has always been our favourite
A dimmer lighting and a slower music

Here you are
Putting on a black wardrobe 
With a minimal makeup on
I have brought along my sunglasses 
Even there has been no sun since long ago 
It was pouring rain

I miss you
There, I said it
I miss the person you were when you're with me
The person who have been missing ever since
I miss your innocence laughs 
And the random talks you're going to tell me

You take a deep breath
Trying to get a grip in yourself
Enjoying your cup of coffee
Your favourite one
And telling me I was your caffeine
You were addicted to me

And then I realized that you're only reminiscing one of our memories
The past one
The one I can't go back

We get trapped in a long silence
A long pause
We just need a stopping point for everything, you say
I solemnly nodded and avoided your gaze

The hardest part was seeing you go
I was left alone
Just me and my downfall

Happy birthday, nota rojak

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